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Warranty Repair


1. Most repair jobs consist of labour and a replacement part, provided by the third-party supplier. The warranty covers the replacement part and the labour for the same length of time. In case we use replacement parts to fix your device, the labour stands for its fitting. Sometimes the labour stands only for a complex set of tasks needed to repair your device. Each time you will be informed if we had to use any replacement parts to fix your device.

2. The warranty covers those aspects of your devices that were the subject of the repair service. For example, if we replace the broken LCD screen, we will only cover problems related to that part of your device and the labour, but not software, motherboard, battery, charging port or other components of the phone which were not the subject of the repair service. This is why we test the device before and after the repair to make sure that the phone has been repaired properly.

Please test the device when you receive it. If you find any problem after a repair which you didn’t have before (different than the subject of the repair service), let us know immediately. If you don’t let us know within 3 days, we will only be responsible for the subject of the repair.

3. The warranty means that if there is a problem with the repair that we have provided, we are liable for the warranty period to inspect your device and repair it again free of charge to restore its functionality, which was the subject of the repair service.

4. The warranty is void if the malfunction has occurred by physical damage or there is any physical damage to the replacement part or your phone. For example, we cannot accept a warranty if the front glass or the display of your device is broken, has deep scratches or dents, or you say that the screen broke by itself.

5. The warranty does not cover any physical damage to the replacement part or the device that occurred after the repair. We may investigate if you report such damage within 3 days of receiving your phone. Please get in touch in any case, we will contact the supplier, if they refuse to replace the part, we will offer you a for the repair at a discounted price.

6. The owner of the phone is committed to informing us immediately once they notice any issues with the repair. If you notice the screen fitting issues or the back panel coming off, those should be reported and fixed immediately. Continue use may lead to further physical damage that voids the warranty. In short, we are not liable for any physical damages to replacement parts caused by the user, even if the replacement part had some issues with functionality or fitting. If you try to push the screen in place when it starts to come off and you will break it, it will not be covered by the warranty.

7. Refund may only be offered if we fail to fix your device 3 times. If replacement parts needed to repair the device become unavailable, we will refund you the cost of the repair.

8. Screen protectors including tempered glass protectors are not covered by the warranty. Those are added to give some extra protection to the screen but they don’t guarantee your screen will not break when you drop it. We don’t take any responsibility for damages to the screen even if tempered glass protection was applied.

9. We are not liable for travel costs or your postage costs of delivering the device for the warranty repair. In case you collect the device, we always ask you to check all the functionality, so for that moment, both parts confirm that the device has been repaired. For online orders, when the customer cannot confirm the repair before receiving it, we will cover the cost of the postage back for the first 5 working days. After that, the owner needs to cover its shipping cost. We always return it at our cost.

How long is the warranty for?

  1. SaveMyDevice offers 30 days warranty on parts and labour for most repair services unless stated otherwise.
  2. Micro-soldering repairs are covered by 3 month warranty.
  3. Liquid damage cleaning and software repairs are not covered by warranty.
  4. Warranty starts from the moment we inform you about the device being repaired.

How to apply for the warranty?

  1. Online orders (repairs via post). Contact us first and describe the issue. Send your device for warranty repair to the Store along with your order number and once we receive it, we will repair it within 5 working days and then post it back to you at our cost. However, the customer has to send the device at its own cost. All warranty repairs get return shipment via Royal Mail 1st class recorded shipment.
  2. Devices delivered by courier. We will schedule a courier to collect your device or part and have it returned to you repaired or replaced. However, the cost of the courier must be covered by the customer.

What is not covered by the warranty?

  1. LCD Screen / front glass physical damage. We don’t cover physical damage to your phone’s screen, front or back glass. Any physical damage to the device after repair will void the warranty.
  2. Accidental damage from user handling. Where the device has been damaged by the user in a manner that has resulted in not functioning properly to the device, this is not covered by warranty. Items that are accidentally damaged by water or any other liquid are not covered.
  3. Screen protectors and tempered glass. We don’t cover screen protectors or tempered glasses if they break or fail to protect your screen from damage. We don’t guarantee they will save the screen of your phone. They are only supposed to protect from scratches and add some extra strength.
  4. Water damage cleaning service. This particular service stands for cleaning the motherboard from water damage. We don’t guarantee the functionality of water-damaged phones unless we had to replace parts to get them to work.
  5. Data recovery service. Once we agree on the data recovery, we start the process. Then we ask you to confirm that you have the content you asked for. After you confirm and receive your files, there is no warranty as we don’t keep a copy of your files.
  6. Software repair. After we fix issues with the software, we ask you to confirm that all problems are gone. We will give you up to 1 week to confirm that the problem has been solved and after that, there is no warranty as this is the user that can cause further problems with the software.
  7. Your postage cost (for online orders). We are not liable for your cost of postage of the device back to us unless you have found the problem within the first 5 days of receiving it. For international repairs, you will cover all your shipping costs for the device, at any time. We always return it at our cost.

What is the value of the warranty coverage?

The total value of your warranty is in most cases equal to the purchase price of your repair service. In some cases when there was a diagnostic fee discussed (usually £25) it can be subject to deduction. If you experience an issue with your repair, part or accessory don’t hesitate to get in contact with us: at hello@savemydevice.co.uk or 0798 401 5106. Thank you!

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