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Tips & FAQ

Tips & FAQ. The following are questions that customers often have, the first question is the most common

Linking additional camera to your BT Baby Monitor

Ensure the monitor and camera are turned on and connected. Turn the camera off using the side switch. Then, turn it back on and immediately press and hold the “link” button for a few seconds (approximately 5 seconds). On the monitor, locate the camera and select an available slot (2, 3, or 4 usually) without a green tick. Press “OK.” You should briefly see a third green light flash on the left side of the screen, indicating a successful connection. If it doesn’t work, a longer green light flash followed by a long beep may occur. In such cases, try repeating the steps with variations in the order and duration of button presses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

Service Time (Postal Repairs): While the return may occur on the same day, please anticipate a timeframe of 1 to 5 working days. However, it’s important to note that delays may occur due to factors such as spare parts unavailability or postal service issues.

Certain devices may experience extended service times, and this will be explicitly mentioned since we need to procure parts from overseas.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my device to you?

No, this is a postal repair service only.

Do I have to pay the shipping cost to send my device to you?

Yes, you are responsible for the shipping cost to send us your device for repair.

Do I have to pay for the return postage?

Yes, at checkout, kindly choose the type of return postage you would like to use.

Will you send me a postage label?

The responsibility of covering the postage cost for sending their devices for repairs lies with the customer, and we will not send you a postage label.

Do you offer warranty on your repairs?

Certainly, a warranty is provided, with the exception of any physical or liquid damage. Please refer to the product listing for specific warranty details.

Does the premium extended warranty repairs cover my device?

Your device will only be eligible for coverage if you bought the premium extended warranty repair service at the time of purchasing a repair service during checkout.

Am I able to buy a premium extended warranty for repairs even if I haven't purchased a repair service from your website?

No, you cannot purchase a premium extended warranty for repairs if you haven’t bought a repair service from our website.

If my device is not listed on your website, can you still provide repair services for it?

Feel free to reach out to us by providing information about your device’s brand, model, and the issue it’s currently facing, and if possible, include photos illustrating the fault. After we receive your request, we will evaluate it and, if repairable, we will list the corresponding service for your device and notify you promptly. You can contact us at hello@savemydevice.co.uk.

Where can I find and share reviews about your services on the online?

You can review and share your feedback about our services on Trustpilot by visiting this link: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/savemydevice.co.uk

Can I drop off and collect my device?

While our primary service is postal repair, there are specific instances where we may accommodate local drop-off and collection. If you would like more information about this alternative. You can contact us at hello@savemydevice.co.uk.

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