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About Us

About SaveMyDevice. Your Online Electronics Gadget Repair Specialist

Super fast and easy service

We have you covered our expert technician with 20+ years of experience will have your device good as new. Super fast and easy service that you would not know that your device was gone, never have a dull moment.


Say no to dull moments

We have seen an increase in device equipment failure rates and the cost benefits of repairing old equipment rather than disposing of your device. Therefore saving your repairing device can help reduce the environmental impact.


Repairs At A Low Cost

Savemydevice repairs at a low cost, we have successfully repaired 1000+ devices for our happy customers at the best value for money. So there is no need to splash out and get a new replacement gadget.


Peace of mind

Our USB charging port baby unit repair services make it easy to watch over your child from another room that is peace of mind wherever you are. Therefore, this makes it easy for you to check in on your baby when you leave them with a babysitter and view them on the camera feed in real time – hopefully sleeping soundly in their cot. Consequently, we provide quick service so you can have communication with little babies that lets you the parents talk to your baby through the bt baby monitor camera.


Our Repair Process

Relax knowing you can watch and listen for your baby’s every breath, gurgle and wriggle on the move, with our quality BT Smart Video Baby Monitor with 5-inch screen repair services and more.

You call us

You may call us at any time convenient for you. Our consultant will record the cause of the failure of the gadget, and your contact details and direct to you the repair technician.

Arrival & Diagnosis

After the arrival of your device, the master diagnoses the gadget. Depending on the complexity of the repair, will make repairs on the spot or take away the gadget in the workshop.


Produced careful repair with replacement of parts only of the original production. You need not worry about the integrity of the data on the gadgets.

Return to Address

After a repair is completed our consultant will contact You and specify the address and delivery time.

BT-Video-Baby-Monitor- 6000 -with 5''-Colour Screen-savemydevice

Top Class Repair Services

SaveMyDevice thrives on providing the best customer service and online BT 6000 video baby monitor repairs available to you, such as broken/damaged USB charging ports, power button replacement, and many other repair services.

When your Baby Monitor, Bluetooth Speaker or Garmin Edge needs repairing, you don’t have to worry for long! Our technicians are skilled and will take care of your devices.
So you and your little angels can sleep peacefully. Never miss a single moment. Keep a close eye on your baby with SaveMyDevice’s top-class repair services.


Luxury Quality Repair and Customer Service

Savemydevice is an Online Electronics Gadget Repair specialist. We exist to help customers save their devices when they become faulty and keep them out of Landfills. Therefore, offering our customers the best value for money; to help them save money without the need to purchase a new replacement device.
Tirelessly and helpful Luxury Quality customer and repair service will have you and your device united back together and working again within no time. That’s exactly how we solve the problem for our customers.


SaveMyDevice-is-Trusted-by- over- a-thousand -eBay-shoppers

SaveMyDevice is Trusted by over a thousand eBay shoppers

We specialize in branded device repair at a low cost from BT Baby Monitor. We believe that fixing an issue in a gadget is always a more cost-effective solution than buying a new one, with our super fast and friendly repair service trusted by over a thousand eBay shoppers. As a result, see what our customers are saying about us.

Since 2003 we have been on eBay repairing baby safety monitors, Anglecare baby monitors, BT baby monitor 6000, BT video baby monitor 6000, digital video baby monitor, VTech Smart video monitor, broken USB charging port repairs and have received a positive 100% feedback from Topratedseller.com.

Ready to see SaveMydevice in Action? Contact us today!

Contact us at SaveMyDevice for all your Baby safety monitor needs and more.

Dr. Dre and JBL Portable Speaker Repairs

Hook up with SaveMyDevice to save your beats by Dr. Dre portable speaker, Baby Monitor, Bluetooth Speaker, or Garmin Edge.

If you use a portable speaker to connect wirelessly to Dr. Dre portable speaker to watch movies, entertain your family and guest, chill in the garden, have a garden party, relax, read, and clean your house to get you in the mood.

  • How it works, post in your beats pill+ Bluetooth speaker and baby monitor. Just tell us the issue, and we will take of the rest.

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